Mary Stone

Sailing the Caribbean

Mary Stone, Captain, M/V Ms. Astor, has 34 years experience as an international consultant to fortune 100 companies using her background in the field of applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s she completed employment test validation projects for a major electric utility and conducted differential analysis of high performing organization indicators – correlated to factors measured in employee engagement surveys – for major oil companies. In the 1980’s she developed performance profiles that distinguished high performers from others using competency modeling and established her own private consulting firm employing 14 consultants. In the 1990’s she developed organization capability assessments and wrote books on the Malcomb Baldridge Quality Assessment Processes and on international virtual team processes. She conducted global organizational design projects for international joint ventures in the oil and gas industry and organization capability assessments globally in the Pharma industry. She has maintained a strong personal interest in the analysis of yacht crime data in the Caribbean for 20 years.